Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girls’ night, I mean, day out!

This is a rare post. Of an outing I had sans kids. My colleagues and I decided to make a day trip to Universal Studios Singapore! Of the 6 of us, 4 were parents – so to go on such an “adventure” without the kids was refreshing and, well, light packing! Even a light drizzle didn’t deter us from making our way to Sentosa for this outing! Of course we saw like a gazillion people mainly tourists) queuing up to enter the Studios as well, but fortunately, the queue lines were pretty fast-moving. The longest ride was the Transformers 4D (which was close to 60 minutes), but most others were 5 to 20 minutes only!

The downside was that we had to purchase $3 ponchos, but the upside was definitely a cool weather and more importantly – no struggling with the usual Singapore heat!

What is a visit to USS without the ubiquitous Globe shot? The guy we asked took so long waiting for the “Universal” word to spin around… and then went ahead to chop off the top part of the globe. Sigh. (I had to do some edits to the photo of course)


We had truckloads of fun, nonetheless! The moment we stepped in the gates, we were transported to a different world.


Rides aside, my favourite part – Sesame Street! It was a blast from the past, as I saw my childhood “heroes” prancing around the stage. I even recorded the performances – for the benefit of my Elmo-adoring Xavier! Haha!


The caps were too cute for me to resist – and I got the Elmo cap and tee for Xav, plus a Transformer tee and bubble gun for Jay. Maybe it helped to salve some of the guilt for dumping leaving them behind? Haha!

Work Zero. Work Day, Zero Stress. (Almost la!)

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