Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess who wants some pad thai?

I am so blessed to be living in Marine Parade, and a stone’s throw away from the wonderful street of East Coast which is chock-ful of small and yummy eateries. So many good stuff that I sometimes can neglect some gems in this area! (Of course it wrecks havoc on my diet plan! “What diet plan?” you ask. My point exactly. Sigh.)

Jai Thai was one such restaurant. Located at 205 East Coast Road, nestled in between other eateries with a nondescript exterior, it is easy to walk past without giving this a second look.

One of my cell members was raving about this Thai restaurant, and I knew I simply had to make our way there. I was pretty blown away by the prices, really. Under $7 for a meal set, consisting of a main dish, a drink and a small dessert, nice!

I ordered the Pad Thai set, and when my piping hot dish came, guess who was staring it down?

2012-08-26 19.25.57

Even Xav couldn’t resist the delicious waft of the noodles! I enjoyed this dish, though it probably isn’t one of my top pad thai places.

2012-08-26 19.28.40

Nic ordered the Tom Yum noodles set, and I loved the spicy soup!

2012-08-26 19.28.19

We also ordered the fried rice for the boys to share, and both loved it!

2012-08-26 19.28.28 

The pandan chicken was a crowd fave that day! Haha… Costing $2 per piece, it was pretty generous and beautifully flavoured!

Another recommended dish (by my friend) include the basil dishes – so I am looking forward to our next dinner here!

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Disclaimer: I paid for my meal personally, and am in no way otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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Adora said...

Slurp!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i love thai food. Soooo yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!