Saturday, September 01, 2012

A mummy-endorsed school skipping day!

On Wednesday, I had a photoshoot with the two boys, and I decided to take the whole day off (even though the shoot’s only starting at 3 p.m.) and even got Jay to skip school for the day. Now, I fully understand such “skips” will probably be frowned upon when he reaches the Primary School system (which is in *gulp!* three years time) and so I want to take every opportunity to allow Jay to “pon tang” (i.e. Singlish-speak for skip school) – as much as my annual leave will allow, anyhow!

The venue: Bishan Park, and I reckon this is our first time there with the kids (shocking, I know…)

There were other kids around, and Jay made some newfound friends!

CM-22CM-21(Photos credit: Rachel Teo)

What were the kids so enamoured with?

They spotted a huge kite stuck way up high in a tree, and were busy contemplating how to “rescue” it!

Isn’t it amazing how something like that will fire up their imaginations, and they even found a branch and wanted to use it to “poke” the kite down (either that or maybe they wanted to climb up on it… Haha!) I love the expressions on their faces.

This should be the stuff of childhoods.

Running around with friends, dreaming up awesome adventures together, (attempting to) climb lamp-posts…

IMG-20120829-WA0002(Photos credit: Regina Moo)

Wrestling with dinosaurs and motor cars…


And so, so much more!

All in all, it was such an enjoyable photoshoot with blogging mummies Regina, Adora & Madeline and their cutesy kids, and a good chance for our kids to also have some fun as well!

Look out for some preview shots of my photoshoot, as well as the details of the blog campaign that started this all!

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