Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Polliwogs at Robertson Walk

Any place that brings great joy to my kids (and offers a little respite for Mummy) ranks HIGH on my to-go list! Haha… So it's little surprise that I enjoy taking the boys out for some fun around indoor playgrounds. Jay is a literal veteran when it comes to indoor playgrounds, having been to the Polliwogs at East Coast numerous times, and other places like Amazonia, just to name a few of our frequent haunts.

Xav? Not so. We brought him once to Polliwogs when he was about 13 months, and had to pay for him – which we felt was pretty not worth it, considering he couldn’t walk independently, and didn’t fancy the playground.

Over the weekend, I had a lunch invite with a media company together with some other blogger mummy friends, and they very generously agreed to sponsor the kids (and the daddies) for a play date at the newly opened Polliwogs at Robertson Walk! Woooo!

I was delighted… Nic not as happy (grumbling that Daddies hardly get invited to the “good” stuff). Haha… But he was a good sport, and after a little nudging, he agreed to get the boys out of my hair bring the boys for a fun morning while I go and have fun meet the media company. Oh, behind every blogging mummy is a long-suffering daddy.

Anyhow, we reached the Polliwogs early, and Jay was sooooo excited about it, he woke up at 7 a.m. (even though he slept past midnight the night before) and kept asking us every half an hour when we’ll be making our way to the playground. Haha!


Being new, it was as crowded as how I normally associate indoor playgrounds, so the kids had loads of space to run. Jay zoomed off with some new friends the moment he had his socks on, so it was up to my new (albeit reluctant) model to help me with the shots.


Now, the main play area is a huge 3-storey structure, but for Xav, the toddler area served him well. I fancy the gadgets here is more fun compared to the East Coast outlet (which only has a ballpit – which is often taken over by the older kids as well).


This simple “water” slide made his day!


A “merry-go-round” with mirrors and such that was also a big hit. I was a bit reluctant to actually put Xav inside for a spin – cos it just kept rotating, so the scaredy-cat in me wasn’t so willing. With Daddy, it was a different matter cos Xav not only went in… Daddy even has video proof! Haha! (I might make a blogger out of him yet. Hmm. Maybe. But don’t hold your breath.)

The cafe also occupied a large area, which probably goes hand in hand with the bigger menu on offer!


But Xav has picked up a few habits from his older brother, and one of it, is a love for drinks. In this case, fruit juice!


I was happy cos I got to enjoy a fabulous meal.

The boys were happy cos they played for three hours at the playground.

Daddy was happy cos… erm… cos… hmm… well, he was happy when we all reached home, and the boys had collapsed on the cab home.

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Madeline Heng said...

How about happy for the quality time spent with his kids? Haha