Monday, August 06, 2012

Breakfast for my little champs

I don’t normally cook breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.


And with that embarrassing detail out of the way, you will understand why my recipes have to be this simple. Hardly any COOKING. I know. But I have a reason. Both my boys suffered a bout of viral attack about two weeks back, and in between the work and the late nights tending to two grumpy boys, it was a tough week. But I am glad to report that they have getting much better, especially Jay, who is really blessed with a pretty tough constitution.

And while we normally spend Saturday mornings outside, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, I decided that as the boys were still recovering, it was best we took things easy – and I decided to make breakfast for the kiddos!

I originally wanted to make banana, blueberry & strawberry pancakes for the boys (thought the bright colours would entice them to keep on eating), but then the doc advised against too much dairy products.

So, I decided to go with bread, ham and fruits! The kids’ all-time favourite stuff. Ok, not so the bread for Jay, which is why I had to make extra effort to get him to chomp those down.


Star-shaped bread cutouts, buttered on both sides and toasted!

They were crunchy and both boys could pop the stars into their mouths easily.


Feeding two hungry boys ain’t easy – cos they were so impatient, I could hardly plate ALL that I wanted to put on, without them sneaking bits of fruits and food into their mouths.


Xav had it simpler, as his tummy was still pretty tumultuous. Haha! But bananas and grapes are awesome to him. I was about to put the star-shaped ham, but he was too impatient to wait for me to put it all nicely.


I bought these three fat pork sausages from Cold Storage the night before. As the boys were also gobbling their food, I could only chop them into cubes and drop them into the plates. I know why I paid 2 bucks per piece for these guys. Cos they were juicy and succulent! Yummy!

Oh, and for the other champ in the house?

My personal favourite. Crumpets from Marks & Spencer, coupled with butter & strawberry jam.


This is a Breakfast for Champions initiative by 14 Singapore Mom Bloggers and SANses is glad to have a chance to make something healthy and yummy for my boys too!

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Also part of the Cook For Family initiative!


I am also linking up with Susan’s Motivational Monday series for this one, cos for someone like me, to even take up the challenge of cooking is a stretch. (Ok, this is technically more prepping, but hey it’s a start)… and let me assure you, I managed to cook a half-decent dinner for the family… but that’s for another blog post. Hahaha!

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