Thursday, September 06, 2012

Conversations with Jay

Jay  Photo credit: Steph Tan Photography

The car ride took us about  40 minutes. Grandpa and Daddy were seated in front, leaving me and my little man in the backseat. And in 40 minutes, my talkative Jay kept up the conversation non-stop.

I am pretty amazed by him, truth be told. Cos he manages to go on. And on. And on. Did I mention non-stop? Hahaha! But as he grows up, I am relishing these times when he would want to relate his whole world and point of view to his mummy. (And silently pray our relationship continues as close even when he enters his *gulp* teen years.)

As we were on the way for art class, he told me his ambition is to now be an artist when he grows up. Nope, no more a paleontologist. Which I admit I am a little disappointed as we had spent a bomb on dinosaur toys it is such a cool occupation. Haha! Ah well, I told him he could be whatever and whoever he sets his heart upon. He told me to remove all the items in the house, presumably because he needed space to “paint.”

Jay: And when you walk into my shop, and you see my painting of, erm, a flower, you will say, “Wooooooooow…. (insert awed pause here), that is so nice, Jayvon!”

Yes. He even imagines the accolades he will receive as an artist. That’s my little talkative boy.

And he continued on how we should all move out of the house (we meaning Daddy, Mummy and Xav) and throw out the furniture as well, as he would need a LOT of space to paint and “do art”… but we were free to visit him at his shop. Nice. (Don’t ask me where he got that idea from!)

Is it tiring to have a talkative boy? An emphatic YES! I also *try* to really listen and follow his train of thoughts, so it is not a matter of “Uh-huh”-ing and “Ah-hah”-ing. Which means a lot of concentration on my part! This may be some kind of retribution, cos the usual roles Nic and I play (i.e. me talking and him having to listen) is reversed with Jay and I! Haha!

And still, I cannot be prouder of Jay. And ain’t that the truth for all us parents? Despite the fact that they can drive us up and down (and up and down) the walls at home, in the restaurant or at the shopping malls… yet they also often floor us with some ingenuous  quip or unexpected gesture (a “I love you Mummy” melts my heart in a heartbeat!)

Parenting is one matter.

Parenting a talkative child? A whole different ballgame to me at times!

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Sherry Reese said...

How do you have so much insight into my heart and mind? I could never write it so well as you, but I always relate to these posts. Evan also developed a profound love of dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist from an early stage and has a lot of dinosaur toys to show for it. He also could be pretty talkative when he gets an idea in his head. I learn so much from him! As he has grown up and become more interested in playing computer, phone, and video games, I miss those days of his endless charter more and more! Cherish those moments! And I love your blog makeover too! :-)

Sherry Reese said... phone is auto correcting again! :-(

Madeline Heng said...

Oh yes I'm parenting a talker too! But I'm still lucky in that she's still young so car rides are all full of singing instead of talking! Haha

Jiahui said...

ahem.. I've experienced Jayvon's chatter, and that was a couple of years back... I pray he remains so as he grows up! It becomes a rarity! =)

Sandra Tan said...

@Sherry: Thanks for your very kind words! U never fail to encourage me! ;)

@Made: Aah... give her a few months. LOL! Your life (and car rides) will never be the same again.

@JH: Hahaha! I know. I must learn to count my blessings. It also shows the "I"-ness in me is contagious much. :P