Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Memories of Bali

Started by Madeline of MadPsychMum, she got a bunch of us mummy bloggers to be reminiscing about past trips that we’ve been on. Around the World in 18 Days, anyone? Hop on this blog train and get some wanderlust (and inspiration) for your next trip.

As I was preparing this post, and looking at my past photos, I too was itching to go for an overseas trip. Which is apt – since the hubby and I and Jayvon will be popping over to Bangkok, Thailand in the middle of the month. My first overseas holiday post-Xavier! (Yes, I’ve been to some church retreats in the last 18 months, but as I was on the planning committee for these retreats, it can hardly be considered a holiday!)

Oh, but back to the present subject matter. Let me introduce the sunny island of Bali to you!

We brought the then-2-year-old Jayvon with us, and settled on Bali for our family destination because a couple of colleagues went and had good things to share about this island – especially when travelling with kids! As I was about 7 months preggy then, we brought our domestic helper along, and due to budget constraints (having to now book two hotel rooms instead of just one), we decided to go with the affordable Harris Kuta resort.


It was clean, no-frills, and located along the very busy Kuta beach. I probably would want to stay somewhere off Kuta though, but the advantage is that you can easily access the shopping areas and of course, Kuta Beach.

IMG_1605 Me and Jay and my fat tummy.

Nic was determined to go for a full-day tours, to immerse ourselves in some Bali culture. Me? I wanted to just lie down. Haha! But nah, we all went for a very nice full day tour to visit some temples, and a coffee & spice plantation and even a volcano! (My blog entries of this tour!)

Apart from this full day, we spent most of the trip wandering the streets of Bali, checking out the local fare and clothes and knick-knacks on sale. Of course, my domestic helper who was Indonesian was a good help when we wanted to bargain! Haha!

Some sights we wouldn’t see in Singapore…IMG_1308Rustic-looking and colorfully-decorated vans for public transport that are PACKED to the brim!

IMG_1361 Handmade kites for sale, decorating the houses in Ubud.

IMG_1513 Seafood dinner literally by the beach at sunset.

IMG_1645 Horse-carriage riding!


Affordable massages – which we helped ourselves to everyday!

Aah, loved it!

Oh, but how can I end off without a quick introduction on the yummilicious Indonesian food? We had traditional Balinese fare, Japanese, Western and more! The only disappointment in terms of food – was the KFC outlet! Haha!

eats And of course, I come away from Bali with some awesome memories of my two-year-old prince. :)

jay I hope you enjoyed my little recount of our last family trip to Bali, and I can’t wait for our adventure to start with Xavier as well!

Coming up on the blog train tomorrow…

_MG_5161 Tomorrow, lilsnooze reminisces of her one & only holiday, sans children, at Maldives. A place which needs no introduction, she hopes the photos will bring out the beauty of the place known for white sandy beaches, deep blue seas and turquoise reefs. 

Lilsnooze put her high heels into cold storage for 1.5 yrs and is currently trying to master Home Economics 101& be the full time mother to her 2 young children while her husband studies. She blogs about the family's new adventures in the West Coast of USA , at This Blessed Life


Ai Sakura said...

aww now you are making me want to go Bali so much! I've never been there before and would love to explore the beaches with Lil Pumpkin :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Madeline Heng said...

The minute I saw your post I sent an SMS to the hubby to save Bali for when I'm pregnant! Seems like the place everyone goes to when preg haha

Sandra Tan said...

@Ai: Oh yes, I think it is a pretty cool place for kids. Plus the fact you can get to bring them to plantations, volcanoes etc - makes it pretty educational! Taxis are aplenty and affordable.

@Mad: Hahahaha! That should be... sooon.... ya? :P

Farida said...

Your Bali trip sounds like fun - it was indeed a complete escape from your usual routine. The food photo was heavenly. What happened to your KFC experience there?

Sherry Reese said...

Oh man, I would love to go to this place too! Looks like a great place for little ones although I suspect it is nice sans kids too. ;-)