Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Moms Blog: San’s story

The Lingering Thought - The Genesis of SANses

All endeavors start out simply. With a thought, a dream, a vision - that simply refuses to go away. My blog started out with a lingering thought as well. I felt I had something I wanted to say, and wanted to have an outlet to express my point of view. Were the blogs out there representative of MY point of view? I didn't think so, not all, and in particularly not some. Is my blog representative of your point of view? I have no illusions that they are, but the point is to provide an alternative perspective, a different point of view, and hopefully a refreshing tone of voice.

The Quick End

I was excited when I started out on the blog... And a week later, I start losing steam. And turned my attention on other interesting things.

The Fresh (Re)Start

I was pregnant with Jayvon when the thought of blogging came to my mind. It was a sermon I heard in church, believe it or not, that finally gave me the impetus to re-start the blogging engine (and this time for good!) My Pastor shared about being the "salt and light" and being an influencer. And I figured, having a blog would be a good way to bring my point of view across. To share about my difficult experiences as a young mother, my spiritual experiences as a believer, my learning experiences (and boy oh boy, is motherhood one steep learning curve!), my fun experiences with the hubby and the boys, and my victorious experiences (Ooh! Toilet trained! Weaned off the breast! Sleeping through the night! Cheers all around!)

It was during this time that I also took the leap of faith and put my money where my mouth was. By plonking down good money for my domain name! Okay it wasn't a very large plonk, but still... It was a show of commitment.

Why Well, two reasons. My IT-savvy colleague convinced me a domain name which has too many syllables would be too much a mouthful. So that threw out the window. I didn't fancy having my name as the domain and it wasn’t clear enough, so was out too. I needed a simple domain name, and one that is broad enough for me to blog on a variety of topics close to my heart. SANses, is a play on the word senses (what? You mean you didn't get that?) and with it, I also aim to show snippets of my loves and my life, and also to engage your senses. Or so I hope. With (hopefully) readable writing and nice photos.

My Motivators

I guess it is plain to see why and how SANses started. The key is really why I am STILL blogging. This is my reason. Times two.

steph-tan-sandra-0005 Photo credit: Steph Tan Photography

Capturing memories together.

More than just jotting down the mundane of where we went and which new playground we thrashed visited, or what touristy thing we did, I hope to also capture the fun moments, the endearing times, the smiles, the joy, the tickles, the laughter, the cries, the pain, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am a busy woman. I work full time. I come home to two active boys every night. But my motivator for blogging is strong and the more I enjoy the process of putting thought to paper (or in this case, my mighty iPad Notes app), I figure the longer I should be up to this.

In the past few months, I have had the privilege of knowing and being a part of Singapore Mom Bloggers, an initiative started by Rachel who also started this blog train. When girls get together, we can chat like old buddies. But when a bunch of mummies come together, the chat goes to a whole new level... Our conversations range from the mundane to the risqué to the rib-tickling to the heartwarming. When I started on this journey, it seemed a tad lonely. You hardly get to connect with your readers. They hardly get to connect with you. But with frequent play-dates and secret lunches sans kids, now reading their blogs and reading about their kids brings a smile to my face as I feel a part of their lives, as they are a part of mine. 

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Ai Sakura said...

I got the play of words on SANses! yay :P great to find out how your blog started and yes, the kids are definitely a good motivation to blog more, and blog consistently :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Sherry Reese said...

I just have to tell you how thankful I am that I found your blog, Sandra! It is so weird and wonderful to read the words of another woman on the other side of the world who shares so many of my ideologies. You really have a way with words, and even though I may never have the opportunity to meet you (I am kind of sad about that and will definitely work hard to one day make the trek to the south Pacific), I feel connected to you as a working mom of two boys, a Christian, and a wife with similar desires to have a forum for our ideas, beliefs, memories, etc. I love reading your blog so please keep doing what you are doing! I also love the name of your blog although I confess I had actually been trying to figure it out for a while. :-)

Sandra Tan said...

@Ai: Heh heh! Thanks!

@Sherry: Awww u say such nice things i am blushing! ;) it IS amazing how the internet can bring us into each other's lives!

~Summer~ said...

Hehe I get it on blog title! And you are right, it's not too much of a mouthful and definitely easy to remember. =) Love the part about capturing memories, that's the best thing about blogging. =) I honestly wonder how you full-time working mums keep up such a great blog! So keep going! =)

aby ♥ said...

This is a nice story! :) Kepp on blogging.. :)

Btw, I nominated you for this award:

Madeline Heng said...

Nice post! And yes, I think we all could get the idea behind your blog name once we saw your name lah haha

Farida said...

I am always at awe at how people coin the names of blogs like you do. It is creative and inspiring to know its origin! :)

January said...

Nice post! and great motivation to continue blogging..:)

Chin chin said...

Hi. I also started blogging when I was pregnant and one of the reasons I blog is to share the Word also to the World. I'm just not sure how much impact I'm making but I'm glad to be able to do so in every little way.

By the way, I hope you can join my blog's giveaway. The prize is a little something your little kids will like.

Serenely said...

came across this through the 'why moms blog' train on SMB... i really enjoyed the story and liked that point abt using the blog as a platform for applying the 'being the salt & light' practice in some little way.

And I also totally agree... KIDS are a big motivator... really thankful to have this way to capture every precious moment to be able to reflect and remember back on always.