Saturday, October 06, 2012

Happiness is…


… Spinning around with your bro.


… Overcoming obstacles yourself.


… Scaling to new heights.  


… Knowing the end of the tunnel is nigh.

IMG_9029 … Finger-lickin’ good chips.

IMG_9064 … Getting a scoop of yummy yogurt fed to you.

Life with two boys. Doesn’t get much better that this.

Special thanks to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk for the invite for Jay and Xav for a morning of fun!


Gene said...

How I wish two kids now. My toddler doesn't have any playmate. We once went to an action center like that, it's just the two of us and I can see that she became bored easily compared to when there are other kids around.

Sherry Reese said...

I loved this post and am reminded of some of my boys' fun times as brothers. I think the best part of being parents of two boys is watching them love one another and have fun together! They are building a lifetime bond!

Sandra Tan said...

@Gene: I know what you mean! My older was a lil tired of playgrounds too - but now he has a little shadow to mimic him. :)

@Sherry: I agree! The fun they have together is priceless!