Friday, October 05, 2012

Spiderman and erm… Cutieboy?


Jay loves his superheroes now.


And whatever Jay loves, apparently so does Xav.

I was about to make them sleep, and trying to get a shot of Jay in his adorable new Gap pyjamas  (I know, I have an obsession with my boys and pyjamas) and of course he decided to pose together with his fave Spidey mask.

And in comes the little one. who also tried to mimic Jay’s actions. But he can’t do sullen as well as Jay can, so it’s Spiderman and his cute sidekick!


Seeing the two of them interact like this makes my heart sing. They hug, they kiss, they fight over the same toys, they fight over the iPad, they hug again, they ignore each other, they get on each other’s nerves. The usual sibling thing. There is this love-hate, play-fight, kiss-smack part of a relationship that only siblings can enjoy. And siblings who are close in age. Growing up, there was a huge 7-year gap between me and my next sister. Which means when she was 10, there was hardly any way she would want a younger toddler-sibling to hang out with her. So I guess though I grew up in a family for 3 other sisters, I never really tasted the kind of camaraderie like how the hubby and his sister who was 2 years younger did.

In our planning for the kids, I was actually pretty torn about the age gap. I wanted the gap to be close (of say 2 years) so that they could grow up together. I also read some parenting books that talk about how boys tend to be very close to the Mummy till age 18 months, and thereafter, it’s all about Daddy (maybe it coincides with the weaning time?) and I wanted to let Jay have the MOST out of us as possible. And I have friends who have differing opinions. Some who say a small gap of say one to two years in best. Others who say to give it 4 years (so that the kids will not “meet” each other in childcare and cause a major hole in the wallet). And even others who profess by the one-kid-only belief, wanting to give their best to that one kid.

To each his or her own, really.

In the end, the age gap for Jay and Xav is three years. Only time will tell if they will continue to grow close and be as close in their teenhood or adulthood.

But till then, I am really enjoying their love and adoration for each other.

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Tricia Nightowlmama said...

Ohmy gosh are they just tooo cute Love spider man costume my little guy is into spider man too