Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kids Talk

What is the most interesting conversation you’ve had with your kid recently?

As a mummy, I often find myself amused, bemused, amazed (or all three at the same time) at what my two little boys say.

On patience & taking turns
After a short tussle with Xav over a toy that they both want to play, Jay eventually gives in. He walks up to me and tells me solemnly.

Jay: “Mummy, I am learning patience. See? I let Xavier play with the toy even though I want to play with it too. I am learning to be patient. But it is difficult, you know.”

Short pause.

Jay: “Mummy, is it Xavier’s turn to learn patience now?”

On becoming a superhero (some day)
Statements Jay has made recently…

“Daddy! Do you know I now have 2 muscles? Soon it will be 3!” (as he flexes his arms proudly)

“Look at me! I’m like Incredible Hulk!” (When he changes and is just in pants)

“You look like Incredible Hulk! Haha… Like Fat Incredible Hulk!” (Seeing someone, who-shall-remain-unnamed-for fear-of-reprisals :P)

On IT and other stuff
“Mummy, can I play with your iPhone?”

“It isn’t an iPhone.”


“It’s called a Samsung Note.”


Sigh. “Never mind.” Passes him the darn phone.

On obedience
It doesn’t matter what the question or statement is.

Let’s go sleep now. Do you want ice-cream? Do you want sliced fish noodles? Do you want a lollipop? Can you share that biscuit with Mummy? Say “goodbye” to your grandmother. Give Mummy a kiss! Where’s my kiss? I want my kiss NOW!

My 18 month old will tell me emphatically… “No!” Followed by a shake of the head.


The fun thing about having kids… is the funny things they say! Come and link up your Talkative Thursday posts, I’d love to read them!'s Talkative Thursdays


Adeline Oon said...

hahaha! I like the conversation about learning patience. So impatient for didi to learn patience! :p

Sandra Tan said...

@Adeline: Haha... Ya, he cracked me up when he asked that. My reply to him: "Hmm, I think Didi is a little too young still though." :P

Geraldine said...

I like the patience story too! Interesting conversations you have with them :)

Sherry Reese said...

Oh the funny stuff those kids say! I am with you on the not having an iPhone...I have a Samsung Galaxy and love it. I think it is better than iPhone...has a bigger screen and a great google browser! My 17 month old hasn't learned to say "no" yet, and I am not looking forward to it. They all go through those stages of shaking their heads and emphatically telling you no all the time. I am sure it is because they hear it from us all the time. Mine is always getting into things he shouldn't so he hears "no" a lot! :-)

Sandra Tan said...

@Geraldine: Your turn will come soon, when Chuck grows a little more!

@Sherry: Yes, they are little sponges... every thing we say to them "bounces" back at us! Haha!