Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Clean Breast

I have many amazing friends in my life, but probably one of my most admired and respected is Ms. Theresa Tan. Wife, mother, child of God, writer, editor, and breast cancer survivor. Her love for life and the strength of her heart.

Theresa is also a prolific writer, and when I found out she has a blog, A Clean Breast Of It, out on her fight with breast cancer, I was an immediate subscriber!

There are bloggers who write. And some write well, some write long, some write expletively, some write strangely. And as someone who loves the written word, it was food to my soul to read Theresa’s writing. Now, that’s a writer who blogs. The difference lies there.

The best part?

Theresa has written a book on her experience. She invited me to her book launch, and I delightedly accepted!


Congrats babe!

Pick up a copy for yourself, or someone you know who might be going through a battle themselves. More than a book that chronicles her life, A Clean Breast is a book of hope – that there is always hope in the face of adversity.

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Erinn Sluka said...

A Dr I work for just started Chemo..this would be a great inspiration! I will check it out!
Erinn @

mummybean said...

I laughed when you said some write strangely. Yes they do! Reading what others write has made me realise I'm definitely not a writer! But I'm glad blogging has given me an outlet and a space to hone my writing :)

I used to follow Theresa Tan's blog too! Will go pick up the book.