Friday, November 16, 2012

For the love of Hokkien mee!


Hokkien Mee.

Long history, much disputed on what is the “traditional” or “proper” way to prepare or cook this calorie-laden and flavorful comfort food. Many versions, but one of my all-time absolute favourites and object of my recent craving – this plate of awesomeness is from Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant, a traditional Hokkien Restaurant.

This is a dish that is best consumed piping hot, and the gooey noodles coupled with the sauce … is out of this world. A slurpy spoonful of this, hits in just the right spot, as any good food does!

As this was the last dish, and we had over-ordered (as we often do… Haha!), I decided to pack the remainder back. And heating it up on the microwave and relishing the goodness once again in front of the telly… double score!


Apart from the noodle dish, we also ordered a couple of their signature dishes – the oyster omelette, which is so different from other versions, with the egg being fried till crispy – so crispy that Jay was munching on them like a snack!


And another dish – Kong Ba Pao. Seriously, one of the best. Totally worth the calories!  

There were of course other dishes easier on our arteries, but like how Chinese food usually is, the diet can always start the next day! Haha!

Check out this place the next time you feel a Hokkien mee craving come on (and feel free to invite me too… Haha!)

Beng Thin Hoon Kee Restaurant
65 Chulia Street, OCBC Centre, #05-02


nerdymum said...

ohhhhh all my fav food. I LOVE Hokkein mee. I might head there tonight..

Geraldine said...

The hokkien mee looks really nice, look at the gravy! May check this place out, thanks!

Sandra Tan said...

@nerdymum & @Geraldine: Heh heh! Highly recommended! Do go check it out!

Willyn said...

have never eaten hokkien mee yet.. but i'm so curious, wanna try it :-)
the pix really looks yummy..

DinoMama said...

The orh-luak~~~~ can die lor by looking at it!!!

Not a fan of other type hokkien mee other then those found in the food court as I find the ghee is too strong. Maybe this one is different as I see they are using those flat noodle instead of the other yellow noodle.