Thursday, November 01, 2012

One, two, three (yes, it’s the big reveal)

My number one. The love of my life. His wit, his quips, his passion, and his devotion when it comes to his loves (which are things like Spiderman, dinosaurs, Power Rangers and colouring. In no particular order). My life (and that of the hub’s) regained some semblance of normalcy when he turned 18 months. Cos it was then he started to sleep through the night, and it became easier to even consider having a second baby.

Which we almost did, but I guess God had other plans. And a wise person told me that things will always work out.


And when Xav happened, my life was perfect all over again. My second prince. The love of my life. He is adorable with a capital ‘A’, and has the uncanny ability to wrangle anything from his adoring grandparents and aunties. That twinkle in his eye, that pouty “No!” that he defiantly says.

And for some time, I was fulfilled. Two boys. Tons of laughter, squeals and screams. Arm-wrestles and tummy tickles. Dinosaurs and diggers. 

Then my baby grew up. At 18 months, he now understands simple commands like “Throw that away please,” “Put your book down,” “No more biscuits, baby.” Ok, maybe the last one doesn’t fly with him.

But still. Baby no more.

Whenever friends (or acquaintances) ask when my “baby girl” was coming, I’d usually give the usual evasive or snide reply (depending on my mood).

But the hubs and I had also had some conversation on this.

Open to the idea for a third kid, if God be so willing (and consider us fit to shepherd, lead and bring up three human beings).

And so it is.

I have officially passed my 12th week of pregnancy, and expecting my third little prince or princess.

I have mixed emotions, of course. First was incredulity when I realised I was preggers (that is a story for another day!). Then came a bout of panic, as I (and the hubs) was trying to wrap our heads around a THIRD kid. When we seemingly already had our lives, hands and hearts full (and pockets a-empty). Then came anticipation, as I could enjoy for the last time (and yes, this will be the LAST time) baby smells and baby feet and baby hands. I started looking (and salivating) at gorgeous tandem prams and pretty baby clothes.

So I kinda got stuck at the anticipation phase. And I am mainly happy (in between the puking and the constant fatigue), and looking forward to the first week of May or sooner, when I can also introduce my baby to YOU guys. It helps that I have an awesomely supportive hubby, shell-shocked-but-still-happy parents, great colleagues and wonderful friends who are walking on this journey with me.

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mummybean said...

Congratulations Sandra! I want a 3rd one too, but not brave enough to try just yet. Looking forward to hearing if you'll be having a boy or a girl!

Susan said...

Bursting with excitement for you Sandra! :) Such great news. As a mom, we always say boy or girl it's okay as long as they are healthy. But I do pray you have your heart's desire for a princess :)

Nerdymum said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Three seems so far away for me ! :p

SengkangBabies said...

Princess Princess,
Congrats Sandra :)

MamaJ said...

Hoooray!!! CONGRATS!!! Happy for you!

Adora said...

Congratulations, Sandra! Yay, can finally exhale. I've been going green in the face keeping your secret! Haha

Virginia said...

Sandra, congratulations! Happy to hear your goodnews, enjoy your pregnancy :)

Beanienus said...

Congrats my dear!!!! Enjoy your pregnancy and here's to a healthy bub! :)

Madeline Heng said...

Girl girl girl! But seriously, no pressure! Lol congrats ;)

Geraldine said...

Congratz Sandra! Happy to hear good news! Have a smooth pregnancy, cheers!

Sherry Reese said...

This is awesome! I am so happy to read this! God definitely knows what he's doing, and I can tell just from what I have read on here that you can handle another little one (prince or princess). Congratulations! :-)

Regina said...


I can actually feel the happiness radiating from every line in the post, you know? :) A happy bub in there spreading happiness to mummy!

One, Two Three - always room to love one more :)

pc said...

Congratulations!!! what a great news to spread;)! Looks like you are all ready for the little bub. take care and enjoy this wonderful journey ya^^.

Missus Tay said...

Congratulations! Now I know why you need it. I thought you were getting the pump for a friend. :))

Carol said...

Congrats! Fabulous news indeed!

daphne said...

Congrats babe!! So happy for you! :)