Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Raising a chatty one


With Jay, he was a slow walker but a fast speaker. I mean, the initial “Daddy” and ”Mummy” took him about 13 months to muster, but he was speaking in phrases and mini-sentences by the time he turned 18 months.

With Xav, I got to admit, I had to stop and breathe and catch myself from being TOO much of a paranoid parent, because his speech ability is slower compared to Jay’s. And I’ve always heard how the second kid learns from the older, and so speaks faster, walks faster, and generally progresses faster.

But I guess I worry too soon and too much.

Xav apes Jay super well. Especially in the silly antics.

Jay loves his superheroes, and enjoys “shooting spiderwebs” out of his hands. And the most amusing thing is that Xav now follows. Albeit not quite up to superhero standard, but seeing a small toddler potter up to you, lift both his hands, and go “pffffff!” in your direction is bound to crack a smile in the most hardened of hearts. Courtesy of Jay, Xav can also do a mean imitation of “Hulk smash!”

But every child has his or her own pace, and I am happy that my second prince is finally finding his footing, and so obviously enjoying life. He enjoys cheeky smiles and cheekier noises, and loves to gab over in his own little way (that only Jay purports to understand and interpret… Haha…) So there are the angelic moments, and then there are also the cringe-worthy whiney moments, and everything in between. And now that he is on the threshold of the “Terrible Two” stage (oh, how I remember this well with Jay… *shudder*), he doesn’t take too kindly to being denied or having any form of opposition. But that is what God places parents (and older siblings) for – to rein in toddlers.

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Sherry Reese said...

Yet again, I find us so similar...and our kids too! Evan was the quick and early talker, and Brody is just taking his time. But he has picked up so many other lessons from his big brother...they enjoy sword fighting and wrestling best! Ha! Oh and I just found out we have a little something else in common, but I won't go into detail about that yet. ;-)