Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tis the season… to be feasting!

My two favourite seasons of the year – has got to be Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Christmas for the gorgeous Orchard Road lights, the time with family, the presents-giving and presents-receiving, the heart-warming Christmas production the church puts up annually. But Christmas usually also means a time of hard work.

Chinese New Year, on the other hand, speaks to me of rest, rest and more rest! Haha! I skip any kind of home decoration, I usually don’t bother with jostling with the crowds at Chinatown, and I just skip ahead to …

20130131_000919 The snacking.

For Christmas, we started a couple of traditions in the house – like the Christmas tree, not opening ANY presents till December 25 among others.

But Chinese New Year traditions? I am probably lagging behind on this.

I don’s suppose snacking on prawn rolls and kueh bangkits can count, yeah?

What are some of your family Chinese New Year traditions?'s Talkative Thursdays


Dominique Goh said...

We have the normal spring cleaning..and NO buying of CNY goodies since last year..can't afford all those unwanted calories.

Sandra Tan said...

@Dominique: Haha! I caved last evening, and bought 3 cans of snacks. I blame my preggy hormones. :P

MummyMoo said...

My MIL bakes and bakes and cooks and cooks... so no escaping those :D