Monday, January 28, 2013

A Wow-ed Birthday Party

Jay turned five, and after a few years of a relatively low-key celebrations in his pre-school and so the hubs and I had discussed at length, and thought that this would be a good age for him to have a “full-fledged” party with his schoolmates and friends.

The key to a good party? Is to get good people to run it. Haha… And I had some awesome help!

The venue: WowART Studios. The mayhem? 15 five-year-olds, and a multitude of canvases.


Yes! An ART party! We settled on using WowART for his birthday party, after thinking through options such as indoor playgrounds (but he wasn’t keen), and outdoor BBQs (shot down by Mummy), but the clincher was Jay himself – who is a huge fan of doing art!

Working with WowART was a breeze, and they had a variety of art classes for me to choose for the kids. I decided to leave the final decision to them, the experts, and only requested that it was canvas work.

_YZ_4630The kids were first introduced to photos of fishes, where the teachers pointed out the lines and spots that made up the fishes, and the canvases were all lined up, each touching the other. I was wondering why there was no spacing in between each canvas – till the teachers got Jay to start on the masterpiece.

_YZ_4706Guided by a teacher, Jay started painting a loooooong black wavy line across all the canvases!

Some of the parents were peeking in from outside the classroom, and like me, were pretty impressed by this cool idea.

_YZ_4720  Full of focus, this one.


_YZ_4777A few of his classmates also went around to draw more lines across the canvases.

And finally, each kid had a chance to work on his or her own canvas!

_YZ_4865 _YZ_4834 _YZ_4914 _YZ_4925


_YZ_4935 _YZ_5063 It was a mess of paints and a whole lot of conversation going on between the young budding artists, patiently guided by the art teachers.

All in all, it was a fun, fun, fun party!

More on the yummy food, cakes and the party packs in the coming days!

All photos courtesy of the talented Daniel Poh – and thankful for him and his awesome looking gear, that took these gorgeous photos and more (700+ to be exact!).


Susan said...

Happy birthday Jay! An art party is such a great idea for an art loving little fella. So was there any reason for the long canvas that all the kids painted on?

Ai Sakura said...

Happy belated bday to him :) looks like such a fun party.. great idea!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

MummyMoo said...

Happy Birthday, Jay!!

and well done Mummy for putting together such an awesome idea. Paves the way for people like me, hehehe!!

Sandra Tan said...

@Susan: The canvases were all lined up at the beginnning - and Jay and 3-4 other friends each drew a long wavy line across ALL the canvases. Then each kid used the lines to "find" and draw out their fishes.

Sumi said...

Happy birthday to Jay!
DO you send your son to WOW for the arts class too?
How is it? Thinking of sending my girl there...