Monday, February 25, 2013

Packing up the dreams…

In the midst of carton boxes and masking tapes galore, there is a sense of both nostalgia and reminiscing as we pack to vacate our 5-room flat. Suddenly, my spacious house seems even more so.

I had always known we won’t be staying long. Five years, and maybe we would move on to another place. In moving in, we didn’t do any renovation work – and the only thing we did was to repaint the walls, get a flat screen TV, new beds, and a new toilet. Yeap, that was about it. The old owners were happy to leave behind their sofa set, dining table, fridge, washing machine and other furniture (even a massage chair!), and we were also happy to inherit them – knowing full well we just wanted to stay for a short term.

But short now seems shorter than I expected.

With two kids and one more on the way, it was perhaps the most logical move for me to move back in with my parents while Nic makes his way to Sydney to start his school term. And so we’ve packed up our luggage, clothes, toys and other things that make a home worth living… and we bid adieu to our home for the last 2.5 years.

Our sons, while they understand the move, are taking things much better than I. Obviously.

The thing about having kids… is having perspective. And knowing how to live and love the moment.

IMG_0286  Empty carton boxes make for great hide-outs.

IMG_0288Check out his gleeful expression!

IMG_0287  Jay was having such LOUD fun that it was inevitable for Xav to also drag over an empty box for some fun of his own.

IMG_0296IMG_0303 A plane, a bird, a car… It is a wonder what the kids came up with!

In fact, when my helper used one of the boxes to pack some other items, Jay was so upset with her – till I pointed out the 4 other empty (and unassembled) boxes that were still lying around.

Good bye old house… and we look forward to creating new memories as a household together in Sydney… at least for the next 2 years!

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