Friday, February 22, 2013

My sweet Valentine

Yeah, I know Valentine’s Day some time away. And this post is super late. Oops. But better late than never, yeah? (And may I *cough* remind you that *cough* I am pregnant and *cough* susceptible to fatigue and more fatigue. So there. Ahem.)

I have friends who adore flowers. And friends who detest them, and consider them a huge waste of money. I kinda fall in between. I don’t mind a bouquet now and then, but I don’t need the man to bleed through the nose for it. Practical gifts probably make a little more sense to me (but I am a romantic at heart too.)

This year, the hubby decided to go the extra mile… and we plonked the boys with the grandmother, and made our way to SuperTree Indochine, located at Gardens By The Bay. We had passed by during a recent trip with the kids when the hubby saw the restaurant and thought it’d be a cool place to go. Of course, it cost about half a kidney (give or take), but I had a blast with the dinner menu!

Let the food do the talking here:


The starter – the lime-y scallop hit the sweet spot for me! IMG_0245 Prawns, grapes, pomelo. All my favourite stuff on one plate. Yums.

IMG_0248Fish maw soup.

IMG_0249My main course was the cod fish which was buttery and garlic-ky and altogether delicious.

IMG_0251 The hubby relished his juicy steak!

IMG_0253The dessert was a deep fried  banana fritter with vanilla ice-cream. I was so stuffed at this point, this is probably one of the rare few times I hardly touched my dessert!

Well, yummy food aside, it was a treat to simply sit and chat with my best friend, and spend three long luxurious hours. Without. The. Kids.


It was a gorgeous location with a great view… and probably the only sad part was that it was drizzling and the roof-top bar was closed – though we managed to snag an umbrella and a helpful waiter who brought us to see the beautiful Marina Bay Sands view.

I appreciate the hubs for the planning and the spending, but more for his thoughfulness in arranging such a awesome evening! :)

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