Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 weeks to go

Okay yes, three weeks to go for me to reach my 37th week of pregnancy. Which, to the non-parents among you, means that I would be in the “safe” zone to pop my little one. And given that Xavier was born on the first day of the 37th week, things are looking up to my little princess coming earlier than her 9 May due date.

So yes, I am excited about that.

But I am even more excited and looking forward, cos it would also mean the return of my hubby from Sydney. He’s been overseas for the past month, and it has been … tiring. Things are different with Daddy around, especially when Mummy is about the size of a walking blue whale with a 7kg basketball strapped to the waist. Which gives me the speed of a tranquilized leopard  and the stamina of a hibernating bear. Loads of fun for two active toddlers, as you can imagine. Thankfully we have shifted to my mom’s place, and the extra pair of hands helps – even if simply to bring the kids down for some bubble blowing fun, or to the nearest 7-11 for ice-cream… It simply means I get 15 minutes of peace.


Another time I miss about not having the hubs around is during the kids’ nap and bed times. I cannot decide which is the lesser of the two evils: Making the kids sleep individually or making them sleep together. It either requires a lot of time, or a lot of effort – and the downside to making them sleep separately is when the first kid doesn’t sleep before the second one comes in – which kinda nullifies the point of divide and (trying to) conquer. Guess bed time routines are easier when there are TWO parents to take turns! Haha!

Hubbies come in useful when it comes to feet rubs and back massages, important to ease one as heavily pregnant as I. Haha!

But more than this, I miss the conversations we have, and the meals shared, and the burdens, now we make do with the almost-daily Face-Time (thank God for technology!) where the kids have a chance to see Daddy up close and personal.

So Jay is learning to count down. I told him last week – 4 more weeks to Daddy’s return, which means four more church services and four more cookery classes (at school), and this helps him keep tabs on the time as well!

How about you? Counting down to anything special?

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Zee Tan said...

How exciting that you will be meeting your little one in a few weeks' time! And good for you that your hubby will be back soon. I already feel lost when I don't have my husband for one day (and I only have one kid)!