Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Use of English...

Ps Yock Kiang shared a word in yesterday's leaders' meeting... And the one thing that struck me, even till this morning was that he shared vision births forth passion, and passion births forth a vision! What is the thing that grips you? That captures your attention? That is your motivating factor?

I've been out with the JAMs people a few times, and the thing that always strikes me is how they can spot an ID in a crowd! It's like radar vision... The same with Nic. When we're on the MRT, and I am oblivious (as usual), he would notice a Down's Syndrome kid or one who is autistic. They may not be so obvious, yet something about the IDs would capture the attention (and heart) of Nic & his other JAMs CG members. Amazing! :)

What do I notice? Well... One of the things that 'bug' me big time would be the use of English... Whether in speech or writing, I am always very aware of bad English. Haha! I've learnt over the years that to publicly correct another's mistake will make me Miss Popular, not. But in my heart of hearts... When I hear a mispronounced word or bad tenses or whatever, i go 'argh!' on the inside of me. Occasionally, the inner 'argh' does manifest itself on the outside though... =)

Guess this is what makes me a pretty strict CG evaluator, whenever I go around to other CGMs. One area I would always highlight is grammatical errors or enunciation or pronunciation... I believe the heart of a message is only as good as the delivery of it!

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