Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Wanted to blog an entry about willingness...

My pet topic. Cos I believe that this is the one paramount ingredient to a life of ministry to God. Doesn't matter if you are a full-time pastor or a lay cell group leader or a choir member or an usher, having the right attitude of willingness will be what sets you apart for God to use.

Abraham was willing. Willing to bring his promised & beloved son Isaac up the mountain as a sacrifice to God. Willing to trust in Him.

Isaac was willing. He wasn't some young kid of 5 or 6 years of age when he went up that mountain with his dad Abraham. He was a youth, with his own ideas, own ideals. He asked his dad, where the lamb for the sacrifice was. Abraham gave this cyptic answer that God will provide and offered no other option. But Isaac was willing, willing to lay aside his own doubts and questions and trust not just in his earthly father but in his heavenly Father as well.

If you were in Isaac's shoes that day, what might you have done?

Maybe you wouldn't even have come out of bed that morning to go with Abraham to offer that sacrifice. A day to sleep in, and to sacrifice that? No way, man!

Maybe you would have relentlessly asked Abraham about the sacrifice. 'What do you mean God will provide?' 'How will He do it?' 'But there's nothing up there ya?' 'Are you wasting my time?' 'Are you sure?' Isaac stopped after one question. Would you have?

Maybe you would have refused to be sacrificed.

Maybe you would be horrified at the thought of it.

Maybe you would have frozen in your steps.

But Isaac... a man of faith, willingness and abiding trust in God... When we sing 'my life's in Your hands...' Isaac's example, to me, is the epitome of what this song means.

I pray that I, too, am able to follow Him without having to always know the how or why or when or where first.

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