Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pastor Kong Preaches...

Pastor Kong preached such a good message yesterday - speaking on the subject of servanthood.

One of the points he preached was on being faithful in three areas:
  • being faithful in the little things
  • being faithful with money matters
  • being faithful in what is another man's
Carefulness and meticulousness are not one of my natural tendencies. If anything, I tend to be slip-shod and careless, hardly bothering to check through mistakes. I recall sitting for Mathematics examinations, and when I've completed the paper, I'd be very reluctant to check through for mistakes, having the mentality: If I didn't spot the error when I made it, I don't think I can spot it now anyhow, so... let's not waste time! Yes - I was so complacent!

I first took baby steps to becoming more careful with numbers and words when I became a CGL... My zone supervisor told us (and her words are seared into my consciousness)... that if a leader who is not good at administration cannot be a leader at all!

But it was when I became a church staff that this really took off! Working under Ps Kong, Sun, Ps Derek, Lillian & Foong Ming throughout my years in CHC has really helped to mould my character & hone my meticulousness! Checking and re-checking my calculations, grammar, tenses, spelling, facts and figures... From someone who used to be super complacent, I've learnt (the very hard way! Haha...) that truly, DETAILS DETERMINE DESTINY! Though I've a long way since Primary School, there's still much to be done. I want to strive to be even more meticulous and exact in the things that I do, so that I may be a greater asset in the office to serve Pastor!

And speaking of meticulousness...

(Ranting coming up...)

I employed a maid a few weeks ago, to help me care for Jayvon and to help out around the house. And for better or worse, she has highlighted to me the importance of faithfulness. My maid (Lyn) has the tendency to seemingly HEAR our instructions... yet not DO. Just this very day, she has been told off by Nic (for latching the door last night before checking that every one in the house was home... She didn't, and effectively locked my dad out of his own house...Sigh... This is the 2nd time she has locked a member of my family out at that!) & then later on by me (for taking shortcuts with the baby's things!).

I understand she is also trying her best - but like what I told her: Don't just hear... LISTEN. And if you do not understand what is being said, ASK. And after understanding what is required, DO. Guess that is a good lesson for us all too! Haha...

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Meitong said...

ha.. i totally understand your maid problems!
seriously, if she can't seem to work well, pls pls pls do something!
i've learnt that a maid who doesn't perform well during the inital weeks, most likely won't be able to do so even if you keep her for 2 months!
add to that, you have a BABY, and he needs someone who is as meticulous as Mummy San!