Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby #2

Disclaimer: NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT.

Okay, with that out of the way (hahaha... lest wrong rumours fly around!), I am still in two minds about WHEN baby #2 should come.

I quite enjoyed my pregnancy. Those nine months were quite fuss-free, and enjoyable. I didn't have bad morning sickness, I could eat almost anything (and did!), I didn't have bad water retention... And best of all, my delivery was quite a breeze! I didn't experience any pain or pang. Hahaha! And Jay literally popped out after just three pushes.

Aah... What a wonderful pregnancy...

But you see, as good as that nine months was, the FOLLOWING nine months (and years...) was probably not be as carefree.

Some say have kids 1 or 2 years apart. Like Ed & JH... Woo... Popped three kids in quick succession! (U r my heroine, JH!) Others waited for 5 years (like ST). I talked to my good friend BT on this issue many, many times. Her baby girl is a month younger than Jayvon, and we're always asking each other when #2 will come! Hahaha...

What are some considerations?

Well, for one, Where can I get the EXTRA energy to care for another baby?!? Oh man... I hardly have the strength or the night rest now. But then again, as time and tide waits for no man, isn't it going to be worse few years later?

Well... the advantage of having kids one or two years apart means that they grow up together. They'll probably be closer, and Jayvon will be a good kor-kor to younger mei-mei (yes, the power of positive confession!). Teaching the kids will probably be easier, as their "level" will always be close to each other. Certain expenses can be saved, as we can save and re-use things like the pram, cot etc. Of cos when Baby #2 is a girl, Nic says he will probably faint cos he would not be able to curb my great spending spree!!! Oh man... Can you imagine? The clothes AND accessories!!!

On the other hand, having kids that are three or four years apart would probably mean they will not be as "close". But the advantage here is that they will not clash when they both hit childcare-age! When Jayvon turns two, I will have to find a suitable childcare centre for him. And if my kids are two years apart, that means for a good TWO YEARS, both babies will be attending childcare at the same time. And starting at S$600 to a high-end S$1,000 a month (for a good childcare), it is no small matter to be sniffed at.

So when is my Baby #2 coming?

Hahaha... We are still thinking! :)




ED said...

Don't think so much...2 is still manageable.


San said...

Hahahahaha... "still manageable"... Hmmm...