Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Blog Look

If you happened to come by my blog the last three days, you'd have noticed some major changes.

I was a bit irritated at the "look" of my blog, and so decided to make some changes.

Unfortunately, I did it kinda "piece-meal", which meant if you were unfortunate enough to pop by over the last few days, you'd have seen my blog template change a couple of times, as I tried to get things in order.

Being the techno-idiot that I am, it took me a while.

A good three days.

And help from these quarters: The Blog Doctor & Random Bytes.

And ta-da! I've got a three-column blog template and finally managed to get my boy's pic up at the header. There are still changes I'd like to make, but I am happy with the "clean", minimalist look... for now!


Xia said...

I really like the minimalist style - good for easy reading. :)

And Jay's getting cuter and cuter! I like those pixs with the pooh family!

San said...

Oh thank you, thank you!

San said...
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