Saturday, January 03, 2009



It all happened so fast.

Yesterday after dinner, I went to Parkway to get top coat (for my beautifully done up nails), when I decided to pop into Borders to get the January issue of Project Smitten (this magazine's not out still!?! I wonder why...)

And on my way in, I bumped in Jaclyn who was on her way out.

She excitedly pulled me in and pointed to this book. What a good sister. Asking ME to pay so SHE can read.

Anyhow, I bought it.

And I finished the entire book already.

What an excellent storyline! I love it!!!

I read Lord of the Rings before the movie, and it helped me love the movie more.

I read all the Harry Potter books, before seeing each episode on the big screen, and that, too, helped me love the movie more.

And after this book... Oh man, I want to see the movie!!!

* Any babysitters out there? *

Heh... And I'll go get Books 2 & 3 tomorrow too!


龙哥 said...

there's book 4 too!
book 5 is coming out! lol!

San said...

LOL!!! It is quite an addicting read. Have you read?

Shield-Wolf said...

Wah San, 1 day and you finished it. -.- I've been reading it for days. Finally just completed......

San said...

Hmm... considering I finished each Harry Potter book in a day... LOL! I'm behind! ;)

龙哥 said...

sadly, no! haizz but the reviews are all so tempting! how?! so many 'i wanna dos' but so little time! haha!