Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CAPTCHA? Argh!!!






I understand the need for word verifications.

I really do.

But Blogger’s word verification gets on my nerves! Why must the words meld into each other so? I was trying to make some changes to my blog settings when I was beset with these word verifications. These are also affectionately known as a “Captcha” or short for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. I kid you not.

I guess the three (three! THREE!!!) tries I took to pass this silly verification test shows one thing……

I am one lean mean machine.

There can be no other explanation.


Asianmommy said...

So true! Those things frustrate me to no end.

San said...

San-Asianmommy: Sigh - sad but true! LOL!

Lori said...

Stopping by from SITS, and I have to agree with you. I don't like the word verifications either.

Debbie said...

I don't even see the need for word verification. I detest it. And it takes me multiple tries too!

San said...

San-Lori & Debbie: *Sob!* Thanks for the empathy! Haha! At least I won't feel like the only "duh" one!