Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Hairy Matter

I have been disappointed so many times. Let down. Saddened. Cheated, really.

Sometimes, I really get sucked in to the promise. “Really? Truly? Wow…” And there is so much hope in me. That maybe THIS time it would be different. Maybe THIS time, I would not be disappointed.

The outlook seems so … promising and enticing. And time after time, I’ve allowed myself to forget past let-downs and opened up my heart to trust again. I’ve would think, “When will this all end? It’s too much for me!” But then the next incident would happen. And the vicious cycle happens all over again.

Until you know the truth. And the ONE person who can liberate you completely. The one who doesn’t disappoint. Who always knows BEST for you. I will forever be thankful to the person who made this introduction. And brought change and hope to my life.

But isn’t it human nature? Even after you KNOW what is best, you still stray and be unfaithful? See, you know what OTHERS will do and how they will disappoint you (every time, without fail!), but yet… you also allow time to change you. You choose convenience over conviction.  The easy way over the better way. The disappointment and the let-down isn’t so evident immediately, but soon you notice the fraying ends and the unruliness, and you realise that once again, you’ve been had. Taken in by the lie once again.

When will I learn?

Will I truly stay faithful this time?


Meet my favourite hair-dresser, Audrey. She is fantastic. I love her. I adore her. I’m wondering how I ever survived before meeting her! From a small home-business in her flat, she has moved into a spanking new shop! Check out her funky red leather furniture!


I’ve introduced so many people to her already that I might as well blog about her! :) Her cut is good, and her colouring is fabulous! I went to cut my hair (I’ve got a new cheena-do!) on Monday after work, and I’ll be going this coming Monday to colour and highlight.

Check out my favourite hairdresser:

D.A. Hairdressing
Pomo (Paradiz Centre)
No. 1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306
Tel: 6336-2823

Note to Self: Don’t be lazy! Don’t be swayed by other shops! Stick to the ONE. Get off your butt and travel to Paradiz Centre, you hear? Do not, I repeat, do not just pop in to “any” salon from henceforth. Especially not from that salon in Parkway Parade. Or Suntec. Anywhere else for that matter. From, Self.


Anonymous said...

Very profound words up there.

KC Mom said...

OOOh, I want to be faithful to your hair dresser too! Now I just need to get me a plane ticket to Singapore!
Thanks for stopping by my saucy blog this morning! :)

Donnetta said...

I'd love to visit her, but Singapore is a LONG way from Georgia!

Thanks for coming by & commenting!

Molly said...

Oh I totally do that! I have about three different salons and I rotate and wonder, "why did I do that?" I haven't found the perfect one yet. I'll just have to keep looking! :)