Monday, June 29, 2009

Reunion… 1* years on…




Has it been so long since graduating from Secondary School?!? Man… this reunion was long in coming, but I am so glad I made the time and effort to come for this. 12 of us ex-TKGians came together, and we met for lunch at Parkway Parade’s Chaozhou Inn (I think I cannot go back there. Ever. After the huge ruckus we made! Hahaha!) and then proceeded to chat at our old hang-out – MacDonald’s!

How our lives have changed. Once, we were all on the same gradient, pursuing the same things, learning the same lessons, hating or loving the same teachers. Haha!

It was a good catch-up session. And boy, did we catch up. We had y-e-a-r-s of LIFE to fill each other with! Oh, the accents we’ve developed through years of living and travelling abroad!

Of the 12 of us that came, only 4 were married and 3 of us had kids. And they never expected moi to be one of those married-with-kids! The 4th married gal was also not keen to get a kid so soon.

We had school mates now based literally all over the world. Dubai, US (a couple of them), Australia, Thailand… 2 had German boyfriends, 1 married her university lecturer, some had more drama in their life than a soap opera! We had in our midst: engineers, sales, stewardesses, hr executives, lawyers … And most were happy, some still searching for that special someone, some still searching for that “exciting” job…

A classmate commented she never expected me to be working in a church! Haha…neither did I! The life I could have had… In the corporate world, earning big bucks (ok, this part I do miss sometimes… Haha!), wearing those power suits and buying a branded bag every month. And the life I am now living, wife-mother-maid-carer-nurse.

I guess it is easy to have a life worth living.

Harder to find a cause worth dying for.

And as I went back after the reunion, to be with Nic and my darling prince, I think that there is no paycheck, no bag (no… not even a Loewe or LV…), no exotic holiday, or no other life that I would take in exchange of the one I have now. Yeah, this is different from the life i thought I’d have. And I thank God for it! :)

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