Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun With Magic?! Wow!

Teresa & I brought Jayvon out for a very special treat over the weekend!

That’s right – a very special treat!

That has to do with one of his favourite things in the world. Animals. Specifically birds!

And so when I received the email invite from to attend a magic show at the Jurong BirdPark, I readily agreed!

Magical Wonder with Birds

It was a usual hot balmy Singapore night, and Jayvon was all decked out and ready to watch a great show!


Here he is, snacking on some animal crackers as we were waiting for the show to start at 7.30 p.m.


And the stage is set!


And the crowd prepared!

And the show begins!


I enjoyed the show, due to the the more concerted effort to include parrots, owls and other gorgeous birds into the show.

The magic performances, to me, were not absolutely fantastic or exciting. But the saving grace of the entire performance has to be Priscilla Khong’s charisma and stage presence! She is a warm, engaging and friendly, and made the entire performance lively and enjoyable!

Jayvon especially loved the times when she made birds suddenly ‘appear’ and when a table ‘flew’… My boy was busy flapping his wings arms at that sight!

Here’s a short video preview of the magic show:

So all in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night out! Thanks omy!


ED said...

is the event good?

They were looking for bloggers to cover the event!

San said...

Haha! Yeah! I took up omy's offer ma. Not too bad la... Glad I got the chance to catch it FREE though. :P