Sunday, July 19, 2009

Doing the unthinkable…

Being a parent, I have done things I never thought I would…

Unthinkable, really, as a swinging single or a newlywed-with-no-burden, i mean, kid.

I find myself morphing into someone I used to scoff at and roll my eyes over.

Which shows you the importance of not knockin' it till you tried it.

Like sending Jay to a good (in other words, expensive) preschool. I always thought a normal (in other words, cheap) one would be more than sufficient. That was before a good friend and trusted colleague who also sends her son to a good (expensive) school said that she was literally sowing into her son’s life. Cos pre-school & primary school were the only chances for her to choose a good school. Thereafter, it is up to the son’s own academic ability. Which made sense to me. And so there you have it, I am thinking of which school to send Jay to in a few months’ time.

I even naively thought my social life as it was in my pre-Jayvonian days would pretty much still be intact.

Or like getting a baby harness. I always pitied kids subjected to such treatment and frowned at parents who did so.

Time to eat my words (again).



Thankfully he enjoyed his little beary-harness! This was his test-drive around the house. Bringing Daddy for a nice long walk. Haha!


Disclaimer: I don’t intend to use this in Singapore. This is preparation for my upcoming trip to Genting/KL – so that it allows him the freedom to wander and yet ease my sense of unease at letting him go free in a foreign land.


Debbie said...

I never really worried much about that. I wanted mine to have a magical childhood. We'll see how that all works out!

sheza said...

Not sure which part of Malaysia you are talking about but forget the harness. Just hold on tight to your kiddo. You wouldn't want to be holding one end while the other end is cut. Not to scare you.

San said...

San-Debbie: Haha! I agree!

San-sheza: Oh yes, I agree. This ain't foolproof! This harness is for that *extra* bit of peace of mind! I will still be holding on to him tightly! :)

ED said...

Don't Worry la...

I am sure Jayvon will be easy to look after n u guys will enjoy your trip!