Saturday, July 18, 2009

“How Do You Do It?”

I had an interesting conversation with an old friend… Old in terms of how long we’ve known each other.  It is almost embarrassingly long ago. She was still in school when I knew her. So was I. But I was in university then. She was fresh out of secondary school.

And now we’re both older and both working, with our own families to boot.

Isn’t it great how we literally “see” each other grow and mature?

I think that is the tremendous privilege I have in being a cell group leader, to be a part of so many lives!

She was having some stress in having to balance all the various balls in her life. On one hand, there is the family commitment. Then there is her career. And then there  is ministry. And overarching it all, her own walk & relationship with God.

I wanted to tell her… Been there, done that. Heck, I have the tee-shirt pressed and hung in my wardrobe!

But when she asked me “So how do you do it?” …

I think it is safe to say that that question itself is the answer.

I don’t.

Not by myself.

I thank God for a bunch of supportive people around me, from my dearest hubby who always availed himself whenever I needed him to, to my family who unfailingly chauffeured baby and me around, to members who shoulder the weight of the ministry with me, to great colleagues who helped to cover my job in my absence, and great friends around us!


On an aside, I just got to blog about it.

Someone asked me about Nic’s academic achievements. And I know I married a very smart guy. (I mean, he married moi, ya know?) But when I had the chance to “dig" out his academic achievements to date, I was bowled over by them!

In his poly days, he was already very outstanding. Graduated the top of his cohort. Got the scholarship to study in UNSW. And in uni, doing a subject so drastically different from his poly studies, he also scored so well. The reason for my “bowling over”? Cos he got the University Medal when he graduated. I was never very sure what this Medal meant. Sure, I knew it was prestigious and all. But then I went to see the write up of this Medal on UNSW’s site:

“On the recommendation of a faculty or board of studies assessment committee, the University Medal Committee may award a University Medal to a student in an undergraduate course who has shown highly distinguished merit and, where Honours are awarded, has performed at a level significantly above the minimum required for honours Class 1.

When I regaled this to Nic, his reply… “Yeah, I think cos I scored 96 for my thesis which was graded by two different professors.”


Jerb said...

Wah.... your husband is one VERY SMART man....

Anonymous said...

It definitely takes a village!

San said...

San-Jerb: Haha! I haven't got a "96" score since... Primary 1, I think. :P

San-Yaya: It sure does! :)