Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dancing With The Birds

It was a Monday afternoon, and as I was contemplating if I should laze at home or bring Jayvon to go shopping… and when I tweeted about it, my good friend tweeted back “Of course go Orchard (Road)!”

And so, we did go!

We took a cab (yes… just us two!) and alighted at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, where we first shared a nice McNuggets meal between the two of us. Then we proceeded to the toys section where he fiddled with all multitude of toys…

Then I wanted to walk to the new shopping centre… but lo and behold as we went out, we (or rather, Jay) got distracted.

By some fat pigeons!

Here’re two funny videos of my boy trying to get his hands on some pigeons! You have the see the first one, cos it shows Jay having a sense of social justice! In the midst of chasing the pigeons, an older and fatter boy was standing by, and this boy kicked at the pigeons! Jay was so stunned by that action, he kept glaring at this boy!

Yet another funny video!

It was a fun, albeit tiring, day out with my boy! I can hardly wait for my next day off!

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The Redhead Riter said...

so cute

Enjoy a Tremendous Thursday!!!