Monday, August 31, 2009

Cookie Attempt #1

Sunday afternoon.

Bag full of goodies.


Oven prepped and ready.


A measure here, a sifting there. With the most paramount of ingredients.


It’s been at least four years since I’ve last attempted baking of any kind.


And the final product.


My prince has his test-taste.



Giving it the once-over.


Gingerly giving it a go… 


Slurp! Lick! Yum!


Me? I’d give it a 3.5 out of 10. A bit too brown-ed for my liking.

But it’s been fun! Looking forward to my next baking attempt!


Samantha said...

Hahaa... so leh cheh... next time try Betty Crocker mixes la... everything pre-measured.. all you do is add butter and egg (sometimes water)... I made a batch of oatmeal and date cookies (Betty Crocker oatmeal mix + chopped date pieces from my kitchen) and they actually tasted pretty good..

San said...

San-Sam: Hahaha! I know... but I wanted a better challenge :P Show Jay the kitchen utensils more ma! Haha!

Mammatalk said...

He is getting so big!

Cookies are so much fun, brown or otherwise.

Klessis said...

Great try! =D