Monday, August 31, 2009


A lazy Sunday night… and after putting Jayvon to bed (after a long 90-minute struggle), Nic & I also settled for some television!

He was nice to me… didn’t turn to the sports channel (or is it cos there’s no soccer match tonight? Hmmm…) but anyhow, we tuned to the Chinese Entertainment channel and caught 星光大道 (or One Million Stars 5) – which is Taiwan’s version of American Idol.

I love this guy’s voice! Totally awesome! Check out the video!


Klessis said...

yeh me too! Super awesome voice. I was so moved by his singing.. :)

The 15-year-old girl from Singapore was awesome too!

San said...

Yes! Nic & I were commenting where they found all these GEMS! The girl before him was also pretty good! And these are not the 'main cast' somemore, but the 挑战者 (contenders, but Chinese makes more sense!)...

I am 'addicted' to this show after just 1 episode! Haha!

Jerb said...

Yes Jared and I watched his performance too! (It's Jared's fav Youtube show) This guy is really a heart-breaker, the way he sings!