Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Join My Everyday Minerals Spree!

I know… I am on an austerity drive.

See, which explains why I should have this spree now. Cos, you see, it is cheaper, see, to buy makeup online. And see, if I get all the items I need for the next 6 months now, see, I actually save money. See?

And of course, a newfound friend I made asked me to start a spree.


And now, to get on with the topic on hand, I decided to organize a spree for Everyday Minerals! Remember when I last bought from this store?imageWell, after using the products, I really enjoyed it!

So if you would like to be a part of this spree, here’re some quick instructions:

Spree ends Monday, 7 September 2009, 8 p.m., or when orders reach USD200 whichever comes first.

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 1.55 SGD

Shipping via VPost

Estimated time to reach SG: 3-4 weeks

All items will be mailed out (or self-collected @ Suntec).

Transfer payment to: POSB Savings 093-45559-2 & email me the transaction number.

My email address:

Payment to be made in 2 batches:

1st payment: Price of the items ordered (total cost of items in USD x 1.55) [Has to be received before your orders will be processed!]
2nd payment: shipping cost from US to SG plus the local shipping. [Should the exchange rate be any lower, I will also refund the difference here. Once my credit card statement arrives, it would be easier to confirm the amount]


Well, this is my first attempt at organizing a spree. I am doing this cos I love shopping enjoy shopping want to shop well, cos I just feel like it! Hahaha!

Update 3 Sept: The EDM site is now offering 25% discount for purchases of 5 to 11 full-sized products (So each now costs US$4.50 instead of US$6) and a whooping 45% discount if we can get more than 12 full-sized products (each now costs US$3.30!)... How awesome... :P

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The Dainty Lion said...


thanks for starting the edm spree and thanks for informing me. have you proceeded with the spree? i'm sorry but i guess i'll have to bypass your spree this time round. facing some difficulties currently soo... really sorry about it.