Monday, September 07, 2009

Random Updates

I really should be sleeping, but i napped in the afternoon and am now wide awake. Nic & Jay are happily snoozing away right now. But not before it took us one whole hour to coax Jay to sleep. He’d be rubbing his eyes and yawning, but once inside the room and on the bed, it’s like he get his second (and third and fourth) wind and gets that cheeky look on his face again. While I love my cheeky baby … not at bed time please!

image Nic is sick … Jay is sick … and I am getting sick too. Sigh! You know what they always say about a man who is sick is a baby? Well, a baby who is sick is WORSE.

I wanted to do up a short video slideshow, showing Jay since Day #1. Turns out too huge a task for so late a night. I’ve stopped at Month 3 … let’s continue that another day.

image Before Jay slept, he kept saying ‘Kuk-Key! Kuk-Key!” I think he was trying to hint to me. Another cookie day tomorrow? Hmm…

I need a good break. Which is why I am going for a scrub and massage tomorrow. Aaahhh….!

Monday’s not a good work day. I’ve had Mondays off for the past 6 years… but since last year, I’ve had to work Mondays, and I admit… it is hard-going! :P

Thinking and planning for our move back to our place in early November. Loads to do and buy and clean. Need both time and money. Any volunteers for either? Hahaha!

Thinking and planning for Jay’s childcare plans in 2010. With our schedules (especially in the evenings), we need to make sure he is well taken care of.




I don’t know how I survived two years in Junior College doing Accountancy and three in University for my degree. Cos I hate budgeting.

Alright, gotta get some shuteye. I still have to work tomorrow, ya know! :D


龙哥 said...

indeed, the video slideshow does seem like a big thingy! not easy!
jia you!!

San said...

San-JD: Yeah. And, though you didn't volunteer, consider yourself conscripted to my house-moving! :D Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I just love the way babies say things!