Monday, November 30, 2009

Movie Review: New Moon

It has been ages since my last movie, and I was so glad that last Friday, after a great dinner with my cell group members, we decided to catch New Moon! (Thankfully my dearest hubby also gave the green light for my night out!)

I love the Twilight series.

I read all four books within a one month period.

And I only took so long cos I had to wait forever for the 3rd and 4th book to reach from

New Moon (the book) was my least-fave of all four. Honest. Cos I felt Bella was this whiny crybaby all throughout the book. Not a very enjoyable read (to me!)


Oh, but New Moon (the movie) was so enjoyable! It was true to the book, but yet made it so much more palatable and entertaining for the big screen. I read in a recent 8 Days magazine review that when Taylor Lautner first took his shirt off in one of the scenes of the movie, there were gasps in the cinemas. I totally experienced that, with one of my members practically hyperventilating! Hahaha!

On an aside, I think Kirsten Steward’s SO pretty!

But yet, after an informal straw poll of two of my male cell members (I said it was informal…), I was pretty surprised to learn that they didn’t think she was pretty! Huh?!?

Madness aside, it was a fun evening out… Filled with good good, good company and a good movie!


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