Monday, November 30, 2009

Online Shopping

… but this time, with a twist!

Firstly, with full endorsement from Nic (not to say he doesn’t support me in my previous online purchases *coughcough* just maybe more a cursory nod than a full-out whooppee!), and secondly, totally not for my benefit, but for that of my boy!

Even as an infant, bottle-feeding him was a total and complete chore. I mean, you’d think it would be easy, but for him, it would be a milk-sputtering, tear-wringing, nerve-wrecking time.

And when he turned one year old, it was like…
Finally… light!

We started giving him Pura full cream milk, and he lapped it up for breakfast every morning. We did try to feed him formula… brands from Dumex to Similac, and finally a friend suggested Pediasure, as it came in ready-to-drink bottles.
And what do you know? Jay loved his “bear-bear milk”!

But it is expensive. It costs $10 for 4 bottles. He drinks at least 1 bottle every night (and sometimes another bottle  in the afternoon), so that is close to 40 bottles a month. That is $100 in milk alone. *faint!*

Cost aside, these bottles are sooooooo hard to purchase, and whenever we see any on the shelves, we clean them all up! My sis asked why not use the formula version of Pediasure? I DID. And Jay knew the difference! I even tried to cool the milk and put it BACK into the Pediasure bottle to trick convince Jay it was the same thing… and no go! Sigh…

But I have found a (relatively) cheaper alternative!

Buying his milk online, from the manufacturer directly!
Abbott Singapore has a e-store, selling its products, and they offer free delivery for purchases above $200. Best part, they were having a promotion, and each pack of 4 bottles now cost only $9 – saving me 10% per pack! So I ordered 25 packs, which should last me for 2 1/2 months!

I know, I wanted to stock up on more too… but space is a constraint! Will need to see how my mom reacts to these cartons first! Haha!


Mammatalk said...

What an expense! Ouch! I say, stock up!

Marshmallow Circus said...

Yikes, I never realized how expensive those things were!

My first time visiting...enjoying the read. :)

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