Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Day With My Jay

I entertained the thought of being a SAHM once. (To the uninitiated, SAHM stands for Stay At Home Mom.) Well, while I love spending time with my little bundle of joy, I think it is too much for me.

Today, I applied for leave.

There are loads of things that I love to do on my off days. Like pedicures or shopping or massages… and did I mention shopping already?

Today was anything BUT that.

Nic didn’t have an easy day either. He was on a late shift (starting after lunch, ending at 9pm or so), but had to wake at 6am to reach our Tampines house by 7am together with my domestic helper, to get the place back from our tenants and start with the cleaning work. And while our tenants were really pretty okay people, the house needed loads and loads of work.Imagine dusting, mopping, scrubbing, trashing, wiping, washing, painting…

And I am not using the word ‘imagine’ lightly.

Cos see, I wasn’t there.

I *ahem* was at home with Jayvon.

But see, I had a whole different kind of work cut out for me. The kind that involves temper-throwing and mock-crying (where did he pick this up?!? It is SO irritating!), buttock-smacking, feeding, cleaning, feeding, cleaning, feeding, cleaning, more tempers and more disciplining.

I’d be hard-pressed to say who had the tougher time.




And soon after his afternoon nap, which instead of his usual 3-hour long nap was somehow cut by half today (of all days), I trudged him down to the house to pick up my maid and finish up on the house cleaning.

Then we went to the nearby mall, braved the crowds (it is a Tuesday afternoon… where did all these people come from?) and went to Toys ‘R’ Us to buy him a water gun and a new jigsaw puzzle. He had his eye on a few more toys, but I had to exercise restraint, for my wallet’s sake! Haha!

Upon reaching home, barely catching our breaths, I brought Jayvon on another long hike to Little Big Creativity Centre, where I finally submitted his registration forms! He’ll be starting school next March/April! Whoopee!

I am so glad we’ll be moving nearer to Little Big, cos that hike took me close to 20 minutes one way!

I should have stopped here.

And spent the rest of the evening resting my tired knees.

But then… there was dinner to be had, and I remembered promising Jayvon to get him his favourite snacks from the nearby supermarket.


(That was the sigh coming from my legs…)

By the time we finished our little hike around the neighbourhood, it was already 8 p.m., and he barely reached home, played with his new jigsaw puzzles, and finally collapsed with barely a whimper at 9.10 p.m.


I am still lamenting the rest day that never was.

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