Sunday, March 07, 2010

City Harvest… In the City!


This was the weekend of THE announcement. When Pastor revealed the new worship location for City Harvest Church.

I think the very moment the members knew where this place would be, there was probably a collective intake of breath!

Suntec Convention Centre

Winner of Best Business Venue Experience award 2009.

Host to APEC leaders and dignitaries…

And from March 2011, CHC will now have its worship services in this gorgeous place.

Till now, the forums and internet are rife with talk about the stake CHC now has in Suntec… It is such a fantastic deal for us… as we are not only able to lease this place for our weekend services, we are now also stakeholders and able to earn dividends whenever the Convention centre is used for external events. This definitely eases our financial burdens.

I am so proud of Pastor, and so glad to be in this great church. After years of enduring travel to Jurong West, it is GREAT to finally be able to have church literally a stone’s throw away! Woohoo!!! It’s gonna be an exciting few months, till the BIG MOVE!

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