Sunday, March 07, 2010

Malacca 2010: The Beach Resort

I hope you’re enjoying my Malacca trip posts so far!

This would be the final one… dedicated to the beach resort we stayed in. Yes, you heard me right. We stayed at Everly Beach Resort, a 25-minute cab ride away from city centre.

Pros: Did you not hear me? BEACH RESORT! Gorgeous scenery, great for a retreat and major R&R.

Cons: Did you not hear me? 25 minutes by cab! Or in monetary terms… RM$25 each way! Sigh…

Reaching there, I was also tempted to book this Resort for my cell group year-end retreat! Haha… (still considering, still considering…)


Kinda looks like a HDB block ya?

Well, no HDB block has this view…


The stairs at the bottom of the photo is actually within the compounds of the Resort, which basically meant the beach is literally a stone’s throw away!


Jay’s favourite part of the Resort – the lobby boasted of Seahorse door knobs!

Here’s some of his poses with the Seahorses…




The 16 of us stayed in 2 Family Suites, and each suite had 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and even a kitchen!




Our roomies. Nic, Jay and I took the Master Bedroom, and Nic’s 4 other male colleagues took the other 2 bedrooms.

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Life Coach said...

I missed Malacca so much! I think I shall plan for a road trip up North to have some chicken rice again soon. Enjoy life, chill and relax.. maybe I'll take a coach up instead but I like the drive.. can't make up my mind.. LOL