Monday, March 08, 2010

Leave Jack Neo Alone

I don’t think I am cut out to be a journalist, especially if I have to cover so-called “current affairs”. Or I really mean, nosy-parkers. Sure you get your scoop and that exclusive, but at what cost? Breaking up a marriage? I once heard a reporter say that they needed to get an “angle” and to merely regurgitate a story would not satisfy their readers. It may not be illegal but it sure smacks of inconsideration. I just hope you never have to come to a place where your personal problem becomes fodder for coffeeshop talk.

With Tiger Woods’ scandal, I felt the media was intense enough.

Now closer to home, I really really feel for Jack. No, I don’t know him, but in our teeny tiny island, this intense media scrutiny is tough for not just Jack, but also his wife and most importantly his children!

Let him be.

Let the couple be able to resolve their issues with enough space to breathe.

Stop with the dirt-digging and mud-slinging.

I find it a little ironic to read about how Singaporeans are disappointed with him. And reading in the same report on how his own wife, the one he let down, was willing to forgive him. Oh, the irony! I am sure to Jack, the most important person he needs forgiveness from is his wife.

Oh, and the outcry for Jack to make a public apology?

Gosh… for what? Why should he apologize publicly for an error he made in his own private life? In my opinion, shouldn’t the person who broke this story be the one to apologize to Jack and the affected parties for dragging their names through the mud?

Strange strange strange… No use calling for blood, let’s be clear-headed and gracious towards them, and allow them room to settle their own issues, please!

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Klessis said...

I fully agree with this post!!! My exact sentiments and you said it so well!