Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Transformed Life

I use the term “pre-Jayvonian days” a fair bit in my blog.

Contrasting my life then, and my life now.

Sure, there are major changes. And major adjustments that had to be made. But really, Jay is now 26 months. And those “pre-Jayvonian days” are but a distant memory.

Watching midnight movies? Being able to make it for last-minute appointments at the drop of a hat? Working late late late hours in the office? Sleeping through the night (ok, this ain’t so bad now)? Waking when I want to wake (this is the killer now…)?

What IS that like? Haha! I have forgotten. Now, Nic & I would “exchange notes” on the plans that we have, and the arrangements for Jay for the week. It’s like it is now centred upon… “Ok, ok… so you have this on. Hmm… What about Jay? Who’s going to look after him?” And now with him being in Little Big the entire day, our time with him becomes all the more limited, and therefore that much more precious.

It’s like… my life has been totally and irreparably changed.

Oh, for the better, definitely.


His cheeky face and ability to say the funniest things brings a smile to my face, no matter the kind of day I had. I am a naturally “I” (sanguine) person, and things seldom get me down for too long. But he certainly helps to ease the difficulties.

I think I’ve mentioned this probably ad nauseum throughout this blog, and if you’re a single or married with no kids yet, you probably may baulk at me saying such things. But I think all parents will concur. That our kids are probably the best gift God can give us. (I mean, after our spouses, of course… without them, ya know, the kids can’t come around! Haha…)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm one of those "single" (aka not married) people, but I totally agree with you that kids are the best gift God can give us :) At least that's what my parents say, and they're always right! :)