Thursday, May 13, 2010


Pastor Kong preached a phenomenal Mother’s Day message last weekend. Short, to the point, and yet so poignant.

One point that stuck with me… that as much as we don’t choose our parents, they didn’t choose US either. Nope, a relationship between a parent and a child is never one of personal choice. We are chosen. Chosen by God, to be the best parent for our child. In His wisdom, He knew we would do a great job with our kid. Being the best parent to our kid.

Gosh, but there are times I sure feel inadequate as a parent. I recently read a post by a newfound friend, mommy blogger Daphne. It was reading something I could have written myself!

As a mommy, especially for the firstborn, it’s sometimes all about nerves, tears and pure perspiration. Worry seems to be a constant axe hanging over our heads, from the time we welcome the little one in our lives.

“Is baby poo meant to be this colour?”

“Do I really need to touch that?”

“Is baby sleeping/eating/resting enough? Am I stimulating his young brain enough?”

“Is he too hot? Too cold?”

And that’s just in their first year. Then it’s childcare and school, the whole shebang!

Motherhood brings out the best neurotic in each of us.

Like how the grass is greener on the other side, I see some mothers who handle three kids and a job effortlessly. While I struggle keeping my head afloat most of the time. And so, I got to give myself a pat on the back on occasion, sneak a peek at other Daddys and Mommys around who fumble, stumble and laugh through their lives… and I keep on keeping on. :)

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