Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That Old Adage…

“It takes one to know one” is so true of motherhood.

I am blessed to have many good colleagues working with me, and many of whom are mothers and great role-models for me.

Motherhood is kind of like a secret sorority club. For the grown-up gals. When I was in my teens, I took pride in speaking a “secret" language”. Most Singapore convent girls might recognize the “F Language”? I know, it does sound a bit vulgar, doesn’t it? Haha! But it is simply a coded way of speaking. Easier than it sounds, really. You simply put an “f”-syllable after each syllable. Like “You-foo un-fun-der-fur-stand-fan?” Haha… The F Language isn’t meant to be written. Well, I spoke it exceptionally well. I still can speak it, though my tongue’s not as nimble as it used to be. Haha!

Well… motherhood has a secret language too. That only mothers are privy to. Words like “lactation”, “cabbage”,  “latch” and “engorge” have never meant so much to me in the past! Haha! If you happen to lunch with a party that consists of more than 1 mother, there is a high chance that the two moms would gravitate towards each other and the conversation would be steered towards, you guessed it, their children! And the words we speak… I tell you, it is sometimes like we’re from a different planet. Some say men are from mars, women are from venus. Well, I think the mothers migrate to a brand new planet, cos the way we behave and the way we think is so vastly different from that of another woman. Haha!


Holidays used to mean places where I could have the most fun or the best shopping experience. Now, I have to think of how “child-friendly” each country is.

Shopping-time used to mean more clothes, bags or shoes (or all three!) for me. Now it just means time spent getting more diapers or clothes or groceries for Jay.

I have more friends who have just stepped into this brave new strange world, and others who are about to step in… A warm welcome! It can get a bit strange, a bit overwhelming, a bit lost at times… but like I said, it takes one to know one! There’s another mother who has been through what you’re going or will be going through and who can lend a ear, hand, cot, pram… whatever! ;)

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