Monday, May 03, 2010

Speaking Good… Greek?

With a two-year-old terror boy in tow, sometimes I feel like I am speaking Greek.

I think the words that come out my mouth are saying, “No.

Yet he acts as if I am saying “Oh of course, baby! Carry on, carry on.

I say “Put that back.

He hears “Isn’t it an awesome scissors/sharp object/anything that can prick your skin or hurt your eyes? C’mon, don’t be shy, take it for another spin.”

I say “Can you share your toy piano/book/animals with your cousins?

He hears “Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep them! Quick! Monsters are coming to deeeeeeeeeeeeeevour your toys!” and hurriedly scrambles to slide the said toy under the chair or into any random drawer.

I say “Can I have one honey star?

He hears “Eat! Eat! Eat! Don’t give any up!” and proceeds to JAM his mouth full of the food.


To be fair to Jay, it isn’t like 24 hours a day when he is in such a mood. Just often enough for me to feel like the hairs on my head are growing whiter a tad faster. Haha!

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