Sunday, July 18, 2010

Killing me softly with his words

I am really grateful Jay is able to articulate so well.

He can tell us when he is not well. Just last week, he was unwell, and told his daddy that “someone hit my head”… and he was describing a headache! Which is really useful, so at least we’d know what meds to give him to ease the pain!

But the thing is, when they can actually tell you what they want, it makes it harder for you to pretend you don’t understand them. Or to not give them what they are asking for.

I wanted to go down to open the letterbox (which happens once two weeks… yes, I am that lazy busy), and cos I knew I had a stack of mails and junk flyers to deal with, I asked Jay to stay at home with the maid for a while.

“Where are you going, Mommy?”

“To open the letterbox, baby.”

“Where are you going, Mommy?”

“Just going down for a short while. Get the letters.”

“Where are you going, Mommy?”

“Play with Auntie for a while, ok? I will be right back.”

“Where are you going, Mommy?”

“I’ll be very fast! Will come right up! Just count to 10 and I will be back.”

“1, 2, 3…”

A parent probably coined the word “patience”.

When the Bible talks about “longsuffering”, I imagine this will be one such avenue to hone your character.

Now that he can speak so well, he uses it to communicate all his wants and don’t-wants to the rest of the family, and often before deciding whether or not he does want that thing!

Oh and another killer stunt he pulls?


Like “I want ice-cream now please Mommy.”

Or “I don’t want to bathe please Mommy.”

Or “I want to go Parkway/beach/playground/Sentosa now please Mommy.”

It’s those doleful eyes of his. And his utter sincerity in articulating each word well. Mommy usually caves in. Haha!

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