Monday, July 26, 2010

Why an iPad is a parenting essential


Singapore launched its official iPad on Friday!

Were you in the iQueue?

Well, if you are a parent, here are my thoughts on why the iPad is a parenting God-sent!

It’s all about the apps. Obviously.

One full page on my iPad is reserved for Jay. Of course, I love the free applications, but he has loads of fun with the paid ones too. Here’s some of Jay’s all-time favourite apps.


Talking Carl. Can’t go wrong with the red monster who repeats your every word in a singularly high-pitched tone.


Sleeping Carl. Same Carl. But forever sleeping and snoring. Thankfully this was the free app, so it keeps Jay entertained for a minute or so.


Animals’ Matching. Playing the matching game with cute animal cards and adorable graphics. I think it is fun and educational! 3 different difficulty levels, so this should keep Jay entertained for a while.


Find Me! From the same developers are AniMatching. Cute matching game. Also has the 3 difficulty levels.


ClickySticky. Gosh this $1.99 app is Jay’s favourite! It allows him to “create” different photos with stickers that he can drag into the background. With the accompanying music and noises, he loves this! The photo above was what he did AND managed to save into the photos folder of my iPad. How tech-savvy is that? Haha!


FirstWords. One of the first few apps we bought, and still one of Jay’s favourite. Many apps in this category, but Jay loves FirstWords: Animals best.


The Cat In The Hat. I dunno what came over me. I bought this $3.99 app. But Jay adores this e-book, especially hearing the story read out loud.

But if you think spending $3.99 is bad… Stop reading now please.


Toy Story 3. A whooping US$8.99 app. THANKFULLY Jay adores this app. And apart from having the story read out to him, there’re also loads of music and games for him. Even this “painting” game. Check out his creation…

photo (2)



Well, if you can afford this, your kid will adore this fun toy. The huge screen and clear graphics also make for a good time.

I imagine in a few year’s time, students could simply bring the iPad to school and click on apps to “open up” their textbooks!


edmund said...

Cool toy!

U are an official techkie mummy! :)

San said...

@Edmund: Hahaha! Ya man... And J is a techkie kid! :P

Anonymous said...

I love Carl too! Or rather Xi En is totally amused by Carl! hhaaa.. Totally agree with you = these apps are just so useful to keep the little ones entertained!

Xi En's personal favourites are Carl, Bus and Itsy Bitsy!

Thanks for sharing - I am going to download more of those that you've highlighted! :)

San said...

@evelynneo: Haha! I agree! Glad to be of help - I will go check out Itsy Bitsy myself ;)

Klessis said...

I'm sure all the creators are waiting for are the 'I-dont-know-what-came-over-me' moments of the parents when buying apps! Haha!

I love Carl! He's so super funny!