Thursday, September 16, 2010

It just makes sense. Money sense, I mean.

I can (and have) spent a lot on Jayvon.

I buy loads of clothes for him. (Oh my gosh, I just spree-d online this month. Again. Twice. God save my wallet)

I have no qualms getting him a toy at least once every two weeks.

Food-wise, we are also more than willing to buy expensive golden kiwis and splurge on organic green grapes and the like.

Oh, and not forgetting his VERY expensive drinking habit. He doesn’t like any kind of milk except the Pediasure ready mix. Which costs S$2.50 a bottle. Which he drinks twice a day (once in school, once at night before bedtime). If you notice my Starbucks-less days, you’d know why. My prince is drinking my SB quota every day! Hahaha!

With all these expenses, I obviously try to channel some other purchases to other greener pastures, or aunties and uncles with deeper wallets (and preferably no kids yet). Like I said, it makes money sense. Sort of not putting all your eggs in one basket. ‘cept this is not taking out all your eggs from the same wallet basket. Haha!

Aunty Teresa was the recent victim generous soul. Jay had his eye on a shark hand puppet from The Better Toy Store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. (Hearing the store’s name, you know this toy definitely ain’t going to come cheap!)

Once we got there, terrorized by Aunty Teresa’s rabid shark impersonation, Jay settled on another hand puppet. The more docile turtle!

photo 4 (2) 

He was happily showing off his new turtle toy to all and sundry!

photo 5 (2)

P.S. He is still in love with that shark hand puppet from the Toy Store. And dinosaur. And zebra. And hippo… Presents from other generous souls will always be welcome! Hahaha!

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